APPLY: Commonwealth Scholarships for International Students 2022

Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth is a not-for-profit association that consists of 54 independent, equal nations. It’s home to 2.4 billion people. It includes advanced economies as well as emerging countries.

Commonwealth Scholarships can be given to students who possess the potential to make an impactful influence on the world stage in the event of an opportunity to improve their skills.

To fulfill the UK’s commitment to the Commonwealth each year, approximately 800 students can pursue graduate study within UK institutions.

Are you from one of the Commonwealth nations and believe you’re able to change the world but cannot afford your UK studies on your own You could be an ideal candidate for the Commonwealth Scholarship?

What exactly are Commonwealth Scholarships?

The Commonwealth Scholarships scheme is designed for students across the Commonwealth who may not be able to attend universities in the UK. By allowing postgraduate studies across a range of fields, this scheme assists in training the next generation of leaders and innovative thinkers.

This award has been a landmark in the history of the principal scholarship scheme in the UK designed to support British internationally-focused development targets. It’s intended to attract the top talent to UK universities and foster sustainable development overseas.

Criteria for Eligibility

To be qualified and be eligible for the Commonwealth Scholarship, The applicant must be either permanent or a citizen of a Commonwealth country. You can still apply for the award even if you are an asylum seeker or British-protected.

In addition, you need to hold an honors bachelor’s degree at the upper end of 2nd grade (2:1). If you intend to pursue a Ph.D., You’ll need an adequate master’s degree.

Additionally, it would help if you weren’t allowed to travel to the UK without the aid of a grant.

The requirements to be eligible for each type of scholarship or fellowship differ. More details are available via the CSC website.

  1. Are citizens or were granted refugee status through an eligible Commonwealth state or a British protection Individual.
  2. Continuously live in any Commonwealth state.
  3. You’ll be ready to start studying in the UK before the start of the UK academic year in September 2022.
  4. The deadline for September 20, 2022, is Sept. have to have an undergraduate degree of at or above two-thirds upper (2:1) honors or an honors-level 2nd-class certificate (2:2) and an official postgraduate degree (usually master’s degrees).

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What kinds of awards do you have available?

The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission offers:

CSC Topics For Development

The Commonwealth Scholarships funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) are provided within 6 CSC development topics.

  1. Promoting global prosperity
  2. Science and technology to develop
  3. Building resilience and responding to crisis
  4. Access, inclusion and opportunities
  5. Strengthening capacities and systems of health
  6. Stimulating global peace Governance, security and peace

There is no limit to the subjects you can do. However, it’s essential to be aware that Commonwealth Scholarships Commission prioritizes those with the best academics and have the most significant relevance to their standards for development.

What is financial aid available?

A majority of scholarship programs are paid for, which means that in addition to paying your tuition fees, you will also get the cost of your flight from and to the UK and an allowance for each day to support your living expenses upon arrival.

Commonwealth Scholarship Provides:

Commonwealth Scholarships

  1. A valid flight ticket from the country of your origin to the UK and then back to the UK following the award (the CSC will not reimburse the cost of flight tickets for dependents, nor will they reimburse any travel expenses before the grant is confirmed).
  2. Accepted tuition fees for tuition. The stipend (living allowance) of PS1,133 per month or PS1,390 monthly for students attending universities within the London metropolitan area (2021-2022 levels determine rates). A generous clothing allowance when suitable.
  3. Thesis grants can be used to help pay the costs associated with writing a dissertation or thesis. Study travel grants to assist in the price of travel related to studies in the UK or overseas.
  4. If you’re divorced, widowed, single, or single parent, you’re eligible for a child allowance. This of PS485 per month for your first child. PS120 every month for a second and third child younger than 16 when in the company of children. You and your children live in residence and are in the UK (rates for 2022-23span). UK (rates are for 2022/23 ).
  5. If you are suffering from an impairment, the CSC will offer an in-depth assessment of your needs and ability to receive financial assistance. The Family allowances provided through the CSC are designed for use only to cover the cost of the family members that you have in their home within the UK. In reality, charges will be higher. It is possible to benefit from these allowances and aid any family members who move to the UK with you.

How do I apply

The award you’re applying to It is possible that you must submit your application through a National Nominating Agency, a university, or a Non-Governmental Organization.

Go to this CSC applications website to learn what you need to do to be eligible for each award.

What are the prerequisites to meet to be considered eligible?

To begin the online application process, you must scan a copy of your passport, a school transcript, or a recent university degree certificate with two references and an admissions letter if you already have one.

Which is the deadline for applications and submissions?

The deadline for applications typically falls in December. Go to the page for the scholarship you’re interested in on the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s website for the dates they will be announced for 2021-22.

They can be transferred for transfer to any recognized UK university or college with which CSC is associated. CSC is a part-funding arrangement (as previously mentioned) to finance a specific research program that runs at least 36 months of full-time study only.

The awards are designed to be used to obtain a single degree. The prize cannot be extended to enable applicants to pursue more advanced degrees or even in addition to that to that award given. Awards are given for full-time studies only, and no other kind of study is permitted concurrently.

The complete application includes three recommendations and is available online as PDF documents. The online application is accessible on the main page of The Commonwealth’s website. To access the application, click on the “APPLY ONLINE“.

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