Must Read: Start and Scale Course Review 2022 (Detailed Guide)

Must Read: Start and Scale Course Review 2022 (Detailed Guide)

Do you want to read an honest Start and Scale course review? Are you ready to join the Start and scale Course? Foundr’s Start & Scale Course may be a good choice if you are interested in starting an eCommerce business but don’t know much about it.

Foundr is a magazine that focuses on entrepreneurship. Did you know that they offer courses as well? Foundr was founded in 2005 to create content. Their course Start and Scale rose to the top of the success ladders and has received a lot of attention.

Would you like a Start and Scale course review? Let me give you an honest and fair assessment of Gretta van Riel’s Start & Scale Course. Let’s get started:

What’s Start and Scale?

Foundr collaborates with Gretta van Riel to develop the Start and Scale course. This Course is currently the most popular eCommerce course worldwide, with more than 100,000 students.

This Course is unlike other eCommerce courses. It teaches you how to build a sustainable eCommerce business from scratch. This means that your online store can last years and generate passive income.

Other eCommerce courses will teach you how to set up a dropshipping shop and sell low-quality products. This is due to poor customer reviews and bad products.

The Start and Scale course, however, is different. This course will teach you how to market your brand. Because you are building a long-term asset, it is a more sustainable business model. You can also trademark your brand so that others cannot copy it and take your business away.

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Who’s Gretta Van Riel?

Gretta, an Australian entrepreneur, claims to be an expert on social media marketing. She also owns Hey Influencers, a platform dedicated to networking with other influencers.

Strangely, someone with so much experience in social media marketing and marketing would launch a course on eCommerce rather than focusing on her strengths.

You might have noticed her initial statement about starting with $20. But, when you dive into the content, you’ll see that she had to pay others to design logos and other elements, which would have cost her a few hundred.

If you want your business to succeed, you will need money. Do not listen to people who only say what you want.

Start and Scale Course Review

Must Read: Start and Scale Course Review 2022 (Detailed Guide)

Gretta Van Riel shares her secrets to success in eCommerce through the Start and Scale course. This course will show you how to create an online store to sell physical products.

You can save time and money by receiving step-by-step videos, workbooks, and templates.

This Course has been completed by me so that I can give you the content. This section will give you an overview of each module to help you better understand what you can do. Below is Start and Scale course review:

Module 1: Finding Your Idea

This module will teach you how to create a profitable product idea. Gretta shares her unique framework for validating product ideas to ensure that your product is in demand.

Module 2: Branding and Getting Your Store

Gretta is an expert in brand building. This module will teach you how to create an eCommerce brand that people have trusted and can remember for many years. This module is essential if you want to make your business sustainable.

Module 3: Developing and Planning Your Idea

Many people have great product ideas but don’t know how they can make them a reality. Gretta will show you how to design the product and find a reliable manufacturer to produce it.

Module 4: Making Your Product Profitable

Finance is essential to ensure that your business is successful. Gretta will show you how to keep track and manage your finances in this module. It is important to follow the instructions in this module to ensure a positive profit margin.

Module 5: Building an Audience Before Your Launch

Gretta believes in building an audience before a product launch. A product can take many months to sell because it doesn’t have an audience. Gretta will show you how to launch crickets. This course will teach you how to create a social media audience for your brand. This will ensure that you get sales the first day after product launches.

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Module 6: Million Dollar Influencer Marketing Blueprint

Gretta is an expert on influencer marketing. Gretta has earned millions of dollars through influencer marketing. She also created software to connect brands and influencers, called ” Hey Influencer.” This module will teach you how to connect with influencers and promote your product. This strategy will allow you to increase your sales dramatically.

Module 7: Launch & Operations

Optimizing your logistics and operations to run a successful online store would be best. Start and Scale are different from other courses that teach you how to promote your product. Instead, it guides you through every aspect of your business. So that your operation runs smoothly, you will learn how to set up payments, logistics, and customer support.

Module 8: Scaling Your Store

You have already learned how to create a profitable product, launch it to the market, and manage your store. But this course goes far beyond those basics. Gretta will teach you how to increase your online store’s sales and marketing to make it a seven-figure eCommerce business. This is why the Course is called ” Scale.”

BONUS 1 – Ecommerce Mastery Series

Once you have completed the eight previous modules, you can launch and scale an online store. This module will allow you to learn from other founders of multi-million-dollar eCommerce businesses. These interviews are so valuable that you’ll be able to get more tips and tricks from successful entrepreneurs.

BONUS 2: COVID-19 Case Studies for Start & Scale Students

Start & Scale is constantly updating its content to keep up with the market. COVID-19 presents a challenge for all online shops. This bonus module shows how Start and Scale students have overcome this challenge and turned it into a lucrative opportunity. It is possible to gain amazing insight into the survival strategies of other entrepreneurs under threats such as COVID-19.

BONUS 3: Access to the Exclusive Private Group

If there is no way to ask questions, a course is incomplete. Apart from the Course, you’ll have access to the Exclusive Facebook group, where you can interact directly with the instructor and more than 8000 other students in Start or Scale. It is active, and members work together.

Pros of Start and Scale Course

After Start and Scale course review, Let’s know the Pros and Cons of start and scale course

  • Gretta Van Riel, an expert in eCommerce, has a proven track record of success. Gretta Van Riel is an expert in eCommerce and a trustworthy instructor.
  • The Course will be available to you for life. You will also have lifetime access to the Course. Future updates can be viewed on the Course.
  • There’s a lot of wonderful and detailed information available. Gretta also makes it easy to understand and use.
  • Amazing support systems! Users can ask questions and get answers quickly. The Facebook group can be joined as well.
  • Each module comes with a workbook that can be used to implement it. There is no theory; everything is practical.
  • You also have a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of Start and Scale Course

  • Although it is a bit expensive, they offer a payment plan.
  • The Course’s paid ads are not up to standard and could have been more.
  • Due to high demand, you may be asked to join a waiting list.

What is the cost of the Start and Scale Course?

After Start and Scale course review, Let’s know the Start and Scale Course. It might seem expensive considering the current course price of $997. The payment plan is available for those who can’t afford the Course. It consists of three monthly payments of $397.

Is the Start and Scale Course a Scam or Legit? Are there any risks?

After Start and Scale reviews, Let’s know whether Start and Scale Course is a Scam. Start and Scale is not a fraud. While it is true that Start and Scale students have not all been successful in eCommerce, That’s normal. It is unlikely that every student of a top-ranked business school will become a millionaire. Building a successful brand takes hard work and creativity. Also, in most cases, people quit too soon.

While it’s not a guarantee that you will be the next success story in your field, there are good chances. Many entrepreneurs have relaunched or created new stores following the marketing strategy of Gretta van Riel. You’ll soon realize that Gretta’s marketing strategies can help you launch a profitable online business. You are at greater risk if your online business is not based on proven marketing strategies.

Dropshipping is better than Start and Scale?

After the Start and Scale course reviews, Let’s understand which is better dropshipping or start and scale. Start & Scale critics may recommend that you start dropshipping instead of building an eCommerce brand. Dropshipping courses that are outdated may be recommended to you.

Dropshipping allows you to ship products directly to your customers without needing storage or handling. Dropshipping is an eCommerce method allowing you to sell what you want, not storage, shipping, and marketing. So i do not advice you use Dropshipping


Start and Scale is my favorite eCommerce course that’s why i decided to write about Start and Scale course reviews. A reputable platform created it, so you don’t have to doubt it. This Course can help you grow your eCommerce business to one million dollars within the next few years. This Course contains all you need to start your eCommerce business.

This program’s instructors will help you choose a niche market and effectively market your products. Learn how to create and grow your online business and make it profitable. Learn how to set up your sales funnel, write compelling sales copy, and create appealing websites for your products.

Start and Scale course review about the course are more than just about how to open an eCommerce store. It also covers how to manage it. Ecommerce is a serious business. Start and Scale are essential if you want to enter this business.

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